Smart Digital Signage

Cogent in-store displays connect directly to your e-commerce and social media systems. Automatically keeping your in-store signage up to date with local products, content and offers.

Digital displays with QR code and content from your e-commerce system.
Displays automatically updated from your e-commerce system

A retail focused digital signage solution

  • With our unique integration to leading e-commerce systems you can easily control what is shown on your displays right from your e-commerce system.
  • No need to manually daily create images, update prices etc everything is fetched directly from your existing system.
  • Our smart features automatically highlight trending items for a specific area, hide items out of stock, keep prices up to date and much more without your back-office having to spend a minute to do so.
  • With support for images, movies and dynamic product views you can tailor your displays to your specific needs.
Cogent ModuleiBeaconConnected to
your e-commerce
MiniYesYesYesYes HD
SmartYesYesYesYes 2K
MaxYesYesYesYes 4K

Using our smart in-store boxes you will also get a truly connected store experience:

  • If a person is detect in front of the screen (requires PIR module and/or CAM module installed) the content will change to highlight product features automatically.
  • Collect important statistics on when a person is in front of the screen (GDPR approved); dwell time, gender, time of day, product on screen etc (some features requires camera module)
  • Screens highlight items in the customers wishlist and shoppingbasket using ibeacon technology (requires Cogent SDK installed in your app).
  • Tracks unique customer visits using ibeacons / Eddystone (requires Cogent SDK installed in your app)