Cogent’s core Features

We continuously work with innovations and improvements, bringing you the best mobile e-commerce solution. Below are our core features and examples on how you best use them in your business.

Integrations to leading E-Commerce

Cogent is a layer on top of your existing e-commerce system to enable true omnichannel support in physical stores and the mobile channel.

We support all leading e-commerce platforms; such as Magento.

Amazing Apps

You get fast and beautiful native clients. Instantly re-configurable from the web. Supports all popular tvOS, iOS and Android devices.

App Design without coding

Change colours, fonts or the layout of the app directly from the web.
Most changes are instant and the users don’t need to upgrade their apps.

No need for expensive consultants or design agencies – just make the changes from your desktop, try it out on your phone and launch!

Push Messages

With Cogents advanced push-message features you can both send auto-generated push messages as well as tailor push messages to specific customers – based on past behaivours, location and more.

Tag Scanning

By enabling tag scanning your customers can scan the tag of the products they are interested in – revealing all information about the product as well as the opportunity to purchase the product online

Read more about the connected store concept.


Use Cogent to keep track of all your beacons. Once configured you’ll get advanced statistics on customer movements, beacon activity and more.

You can send targeted push messages to individual users based on what beacons they have been close to in the past.

Read more about the connected store concept.


With our advanced search integration your customers can search for products based on their location, their prefered size and much more.

We also integrate to popular recommendation and search engines such as Loop54 and more.

Smart Displays

Using low-cost Android TV HDMI-sticks you can turn any large display with a HDMI port into a smart display.

Configure what categories you want to show and products to highlight and the smart display app handles the rest. With QR-code or Beacon integration you can integrate with your app to create a true smart display at a low cost.

Read more about the connected store concept.

Cross Platform

Cogent’s mobile apps are ready to be deployed on Google Android and Apple iOS today – with support for Apple WatchOS, tvOS and Google GMS on it’s way.

As a customer you can just sit back and relax as we develop beautiful fast native clients for all popular mobile platforms.

Fully Supported

We know that e-commerce is business critial – so we focus a lot on support. We offer office-hours support free of charge and 24/7 support for those who need (see our support packages here).

Cloud Service

Cogent is SaaS that connects directly into your e-commerce platform. No need to host anything (unless you want to).

Our servers does not contain any sensitive information about your servers nor your company – they just enable the mobile channel on top of your existing systems.


Full support for advanced analytics – all registered directly to your Google Analytics account. Other analytics platforms on the way.