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We offer a range of product to help you as a retailer improve your business. They are all part of the same platform and benefit from each other, however the products are sold separately or as a bundle depending on your needs. To get more information or see the products in action, hit the button below.

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Cogent Smart Retail Signage

Cogent Smart Retail Signage is a digital signage solution targeted specifically at retailers. Appart for showing the usual content like,  images, videos, webpages etc you can also show content from your e-commerce system. The displays are also smart in that they gather data about the customers in the store to give you valuable insights. They can adapt content based on parameters like gender, proximity etc. Our hardware is compatible with any display that has a HDMI-port and we offer an app for administration.


Cogent one-to-one marketing

Out one-to-one marketing solution offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to crafting manual or automated campaigns. You can target customers based on, behavior, location, actions, tags and more. The messages can be triggered based on the user meeting specific conditions or at a given time. Our rules engine can process up to 10 000 rules every second to make sure that the right customer gets the right message at the right time. You also get real time updates on your campaigns performance.


Cogent Shopping Apps

Based on the ecosystem our platform provides we can create a really great shopping app for you with no compromises. Appart from the usual stuff that goes into a great shopping app we can provide you with in-store features like, tag scanning, interaction with the displays and in-store mode. We provide a dynamic start page tailored for the specific customer and the specific context. Our one-to-one marketing product can be used to send messages as in app push messages.