Cogent one-to-one Marketing

The right message, to the right person at the right time

The future of retailing is personal, engaging and relevant. A smart marketing automation tool is essential to achieve that in a simple, cost efficient and measurable way.

One-to-One marketing has proven to give the best return on investment when it comes to return customers. Every customer is unique and if you can treat them that way they will reward you. Our new One-to-One marketing tool is the perfect way to improve your conversion and retention. Interested in learning more and see the product in action? Then hit the button below!


Each customer will receive a personalized message – at a time when it’s most relevant. Using data from their previous interactions both digital and physical, we can tailor a message that is relevant for each customer. Craft your campaigns based on actions, behavior, location, state, tags and more.



We make you smarter! The plattform is always learning and will aid you by making automated content and target selections or suggestions based on customer data and previous campaigns.



Our platform can process up to 10 000 rules every second. You will never again miss an opportunity to welcome a new customer, wish happy birthday or invite everyone in the area to a flash sale in the store. 



We get you up and running in no time.  The  platform is in the cloud and the data to get going is in your e-commerce system. With a swift integration job you are good to go.



More than anything, it’s the flexibility and power of our rules engin that makes the platform stand out from the rest.  Combine behavior, state, location, etc, any way you want to set up the perfect campaign .

Administrate with ease

Creating, maintaining and following up on campaigns is a complex task but our admin portal makes it look easy. You get all the information in one place.

In the Cloud

We provide a SaaS solution that is accessible 24/7 via a web browser. No new servers or new software to manage on premisses.


You can easily configure  user roles to let your users have different access to different features

Powerful UI

All the information in one place. Easy to understand visual representation of campaign rules and campaign analytics

Realtime Feedback

The reach, conversion and other KPIs is updated in real time


Cogent One-to-One Marketing has a cloud based infrastructure and utilizes the existing data from your e-commerce system. This means you can be up and running quickly with relevant customer data from day 1. The customer insights will then improve dramatically as soon as you start running campaigns.