Cogent in-store displays now connects to Vendre E-commerce

Cogent has completed a new integration to Vendre e-commerce.

Now all Vendre e-commerce users can make use of Cogent’s innovative digital signage to automatically showcase products without the need to manually create digital signage content.

Thanks to Vendre’s deep link support; you can now drive conversion direct from your digital signs to your e-commerce.

All Cogent in-store features are supported for Vendre E-commerce users. Choose to highlight top-categories, top products or specific categories (eg sales or promotion categories) directly on your digital signage. All images, prices and descriptions will automatically be kept up to date from your Vendre system.

The new software also adds new support for new product highlight animations for showcasing linked-products (such as a complete look, or products commonly bought together)

The software is released 25th of January and is being rolled out automatically to all in-store modules.

If you are using Vendre e-commerce and want to upgrade your in-store signage, contact us to get a free 30 day trial of Cogent in-store signage.