Cogent Apps

With the platform you as a retailer can create and distribute your own fully featured shopping apps for Android and iOS with minimum effort.

There is no longer a valid reason to develop your own apps from scratch or to have an app development firm charge you by the hour.

No Coding Required

In the platform the apps are created in the admin web GUI. You choose the name, layout and configure the branding of the app. Toggle features like search, wish list, social sharing etc on or off. The products, categories, descriptions etc are fetched from your e-commerce system and app specifics like push notifications and location specific information are handled through admin.

Automated Lifecycle Management

The platform manages the entire app life cycle. By the push of a button you can send a new version of the app to test users. Ones you want to go live you just push another button and the app is published on App Store and Google Play Store. You don’t even have to bother with things like screen shots or multiple screen sizes, it’s all automated.

Multiple Versions and Dynamic Content

In the Platform you can work with several versions of the app at the same time. So if you for instance want to have the app look and act different during Christmas or Black Friday you can create a version for this and have this tested. You can then set this version live through a push of a button and for most changes the end user does not even have to download a new version of the app. The changes will be there when the app is opened.

Personalised User Experience

The content of the app are personalised based on the user’s preferences and past behavior. The push messages received can even be targeted at a single individual.

Great Support for Physical Stores

The apps support both store locator where the user can find information about physical stores and stores nearby. As well as in-store mode that is activated when the user enters a physical store. In-store mode offers features like tag-scanning, smart queuing, interactions with Smart Displays, stock levels, product locations etc.

Future Proof

We make sure that the apps are always up to date with the latest versions of iOS and Android OS. We also keep adding features to the apps based on the latest technology and innovation in the field. We do the R&D and make it easy for you innovate and improve your business.