Cogent is a cloud and mobile-app based service to help physical and digital stores to take advantage of the latest mobile, television and smart-watch technology to meet and sell to their customers.

Thanks to a unique feature set Cogent offers many specialized solutions to go from web-only to a full omnichannel experience.
By using our expertiese in e-commerce you can increase your reach and acquisition – as well as get better and faster ROI.

On top of the basics, we add a lot of specialized and great omnichannel features on top – and we aim to be cheaper to start with, much more cost efficient to maintain and deliver an advanced solution much faster than the competition.

This includes a fully customized shopping experience on multiple screens – from phones, tablets, TVs and digital signs. The platform offers a unique solution to go from mobile aware to fully supporting all aspects of mobile commerce.

Why did we build Cogent.io?

Cogent.io was built out of equal parts frustration and insight. We believe that a good m-commerce solution is essential for retailers and brands to be able to compete going forward. The team behind Cogent has been involved in many large-scale digital commerce projects and found a few things that we wanted to fix.

We set out to build a solution that let’s the retailer focus on business instead of IT. A solution that has great features out of the box and learns and improves over time.

  • AI enabled True Personalisation
  • One to one marketing without scaling marketing or sales
  • Short TTM