Why Cogent?

What does a great digital shopping experience enabled by Cogent do for your business?

  • Possibility to track the same customer on-line and in store
  • Possibility to track the same customer over time without the use of cookies or log in
  • Better data -> better and more personal customer experience
  • A/B testing built in to the platform
  • Learn when the best time is to communicate with the customer
  • Learn what drives engagement, retention and conversion
  • Enables location based marketing
  • Enables behaviour driven marketing
  • Customers tend to act on Push notifications to a very high degree 
  • Possibility to measure customer engagement on an individual level
  • AI driven one to one marketing
  • Extremely cost efficient targeted messages
  • The smartphone app replaces the club card
  • Gives value on-line and in store
  • Always with you and personal
  • Creates an opportunity for instant gratification on a personal level
  • Enables the possibility to have a dialogue with the customer
  • In-store mode in the app when a customer is in the store
  • Local store offers
  • Contextual information
  • Store interaction like tag scanning, payment etc
  • Store locator to find physical stores
  • Know which stores a customer visits
  • Drive traffic to physical stores
  • Smart and personal Digital Signage
  • Over 50% of the e-commerce traffic is from mobile
  • The conversion is 4x higher in an app compared to mobile web
  • More sessions per customer
  • Great aid to sales in other channels
  • 10x more product views per session
  • Up sell and Cross sell opportunities in store
  • Shop and go

How it works

The Cogent products are packaged in a cloud-based platform that acts as a layer on top of your existing e-commerce solution.
The platform will supply all needed features to provide a premium digital commerce solution on-line and in-store.

Push Messaging

Send auto-generated push messages as well as tailor push messages to specific customers – based on past behavior, location and more.

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Use our beacons to identify and interact with your customers in the physical store.

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Tag Scanning

Let your users scan tags in catalogues or in store to get more information or buy the item on-line.

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TV App

Let your users browse your products and by online from the comfort of their home on a big screen using our Apple TV app.

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Shopping Apps

Design, configure and test your fully featured shopping app with our intuitive on-line tool and get it automatically deployed on App Store and Google Play.

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Digital Signage

Display product images from your inventory based on category, popularity etc on digital displays in your physical store.

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