How it works

Many products but one platform

Cogent offers a range of products to help you digitalise your business. You can pick and choose products depending on you needs and they will all be managed in the same GUI. In that way you won’t have to pay for features you don’t need right now but it will be super simple to grow the solution as you offering matures.

Cogents platform integrates with your existing e-commerce system and automates a lot of the work involved in developing, launching and maintaining true omnichannel commerce. We leverage the time and money you already put into inventory management, product management, user management etc and only add the stuff that you don’t already have. In that way we can cut Cost and Time To Market extensively.

Customizable Shopping apps

It’s generally hard and expensive to develop a good shopping app and it’s hard and expensive to keep it up to date. We make it easy!

Smart Digital Signage

Don’t let your in store displays be dumb!